Pretreatment for Powder Coating:

Quality Finishing uses a batch style pretreatment system for Aluminum to insure that all to be painted surfaces receive 100% coverage. This five stage immersion system consists of a 150 deg Alkaline etch to remove any containments. Then one cold water rinse, followed by a chromium phosphate conversion coating. Two fresh water counter flow D.I. rinse tanks complete this process.

Powder Coats:

Quality Finishing specializes in applying coatings designed for Aluminum such as:

  • High Performance Architectural Coatings (Series 38, 58 and 75 By Tiger Drylac*). These coatings should by applied only by certified coaters using a Chrome Phosphate 5 stage pretreatment process. These coatings comply with AAMA 2605-98 and AAMA 2604-98 warrantable finishes.
  • T.G.I.C. Polyester Coatings generally have no more than a one year warrantable coating.
  • Baked Enamel, Hybrid Coatings

At Quality Finishing we have no limits to the types of coatings that can be powder coated. Most applicators specialize in Steel and have no capabilities when it comes to Aluminum. 

Only licensed Applicators can purchase High Quality Architectural products. Check with the manufacturers of powders for approval status.