Quality’s field paint service is in demand more than ever. We created this service due to the high volume of building being renovated for use after many years of vacancy.

This service is an outside service performed by factory trained technicians in the application of AAMA 2605-98 finishes. The paints Quality Finishing uses are designed for storefront and high rise building applications.

Our field service team is available for high by building owners, architects and general contractors.

The field service option can greatly reduce the cost of complete replacement. Even when replacing the glass only and repairing the aluminum for a new life.

Not all jobs will qualify for this service, a call to Quality Finishing’s expect staff  and a visit to the jobsite will determine if the building is eligible for restoration.

Field service warranty will be greatly determined prior to the refinishing of materials. The warranty generally available is for 5 years, this is based on location, previous damage, and surrounding conditions.