Today’s factory applied finishes are better than ever. But even the best finish needs a little care to maintain its appearance over the long haul. Even though your newly installed aluminum and glass may look great at first, without proper cleaning on occasion it could lead to premature aging. We all know the basic’s in washing windows and the care of you aluminum that encases your windows isn’t much different.

On the market today you can buy very aggressive cleaners, however they might not be the best for these high performance finishes. Remember these finishes are only paints, the only difference is that they are designed to last in the harsh environment for many more years than your average household paint. Think of the chemical’s that you would use on your car. You wouldn’t use scotch brite pads or borax. The same applies to your storefront, when selecting a cleaning solution use mild soaps that you would consider safe for your hands. Avoid strong acid’s and alkaline cleaners as they could damage the finish.

Ocean exposures should be cleaned regularly.

If a finish gets to the point were it needs to be repaired or completely repainted. Then calling an experienced company that deals in these finishes might be your only option. Quality Finishing can help with a field service to determine what cause of action should be taken.